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Caithness and Cohen - Innocent When You Dream

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Previous Entry Caithness and Cohen May. 26th, 2008 @ 01:51 pm Next Entry
I had a fantastic weekend. The Macbeth remount was a huge success. The school shows where huge. 1000 kids every mourning. Three mornings in a row. You can’t get a bigger theatre audience in Newfoundland. I played the part a little different than I did the summer, being that he was now the combination of two characters. Played him more calculating and badass, than like an energetic berserker. It was fun. He was sans mohawk this time, but I did a fun wolverine thing with my hair instead. I wish there where pictures. Anyway it was a great run.

I SAW LEONARD COHEN IN CONCERT LAST NIGHT!!!!!! it was fucking amazing. I got to see him with my dad (who raised me on Cohen) and Jenny. I think listing to Leonard Cohen sing Suzanne while arm in arm with my girlfriend was the single most romantic moment of my life. what an evening. On top of it being Leonard Cohen, the band was fantastic as well. And they seemed to love the crowed as much as we loved them. He even talked a bit about the closure of Holy Heart Theatre, and sort of dedicated If it Be Your Will to it. I have to say it was a special feeling to I know that just the night before, I stood on the same stage as Leonard Cohen, stood on the exact same spot and delivered a monologue.

There is something right about meeting her lips after an experience like that. Some joys just aren’t complete until they have been shared with lips and arms.
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