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So I'm doing Light, Sound, and some prop\creature effect design for a small show at the Players theatre in Montreal. It opened last night. The theatre is one of the 2 theatres at McGill [1]. Im really proud of the work I have done. Things really came together at the end, which is an accomplishment as tech wise I was pretty much flying solo. Editing all the sounds, hanging all the lights, making blood backs, angel of death wings, masks, also I was the only lighting crew along with operating both sound and light.

(begin tech rant)
As worried as I was about the lights, in the end i found a look that i would buy a drink. A little too front light heavy, but the space and time was limiting. It is a very greeny cold look, that makes the actors look sickly(which is what we where going for) without being over the top. I have to admit, the combination of my lighting and sound design makes the play rather Silent hill 2-ish. Im really proud of the sounds I created, especially since i was using a 10 dollar computer mic, and a um....perfectly legal copy of cubase, sitting in my apartment scratching forks against boxes, crushing crackers, and laughing, with reverb, pitch shift and modulation up the wazoo.

The space is so hard to work in lighting wise, and the stock hang was pretty much useless for our play. The “grid” has no pipes, so you can't use C clamps, just these weird sliding track things that are never in the place you need them, and you need to hold the lamp up above your head standing on top of a ladder that is too short, or sketchy scaffolding, as you try to screw in the pan bolt, and hope it meets its corresponding part. Also no gobo holders, so I had to remake my gobos to be over sized, so I could slide the entire thing into the lamp. All this combined with L shaped seating and low lamp stock, and myself being the only technician, and no room TD around to ask questions, made for a stressful install day.
(end Tech rant)

As proud as i am of the work, it makes me sad a little. Mainly that nobody i know will get to see it. Everyone i know from NTS is working, and pretty much everybody else i know is in Newfoundland. There where a bunch of pics taken during the dress, hopefully i can get a hold of some and post a few. I really want to get a picture of the wings for my portfolio. I didn't get paid for this one, but at least i got to make some pretty theatre. However i really have to stop doing the freebies, Especially at times when I don't have steady work. The time commitment is the same (sometimes more). You learn alot though, and sometimes it is really nice to learn, make mistakes, and fix them without people standing over your back. I think I learn much better this way....it is also alot cheaper.

In other news I have a bunch of paid work coming up at the Centaur Theatre soon. Some lighting and set installs. Also hopefully work at the fringe fest, if i can get in on that. Im aiming to come home for the summer some time mid to late June. I want to wait until after my interview, and after fringe fest.

So look at that 2 actual updates within a month!
[1] as a geek, i must say there is an element of glee that comes from working in a theatre located in a building called Shatner Hall...yes, after that Shatner.
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Date:April 25th, 2010 03:43 pm (UTC)
Yes! Pics if possible, plz!

Also, yay paid work!
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