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2007 - Innocent When You Dream

About 2007

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Wow.......just wow. New years eve 2007. Sitting in my room letting that feeling of "look where I am now" that comes to us this time of year just engulf my senses.

2007.....thank you. Those really are the only words I can think of to describe this year. So much changed in my life. I accomplished so much, experienced so much....I am happy. I am happier and healthier (mentally and physically) then I have ever been in my life. I think the words would be I grew up. "Old soul with a young heart"

Theatre came back into my life in a big way. I realized both how much I love it, and need it, and how much it lets me thrive. Theatre is my element, but it took some kind and encouraging words from friends and mentors for me to realize it. Now I know that is where I want to go with my life, and so I have begun to build and gather my tools.

Personal accomplishments. I won the Newfoundland and Labrador arts and letters competition. I have been telling myself "I am going to enter" for the past 10 years or so, ever since I used to go to the exhibits and awards ceremony with my dad as a kid. Never did get around to entering the junior division, but last year I entered the senior division and got accepted and displayed, and this year I got accepted, and displayed, and I won a 1000 dollar prize. Imagine, it all started as a Christmas present. Landed my first lead role, as a giant evil rodent. The show had its ups and downs but I in no way regret it. I had fun. Not always, but over all I had fun. Then the summer I got two parts with Shakespeare by the sea, which had me shaving my head into a Mohawk and becoming a post apocalyptic punk rock ass kicking Scottish lord with a sword and a bloody death. I had to give up something I loved to do this, but once again I made the right decision. A few lines from Wish You Where Here seemed to be the theme of that summer. "Did you exchange, a walk on part in the war, for a lead role in a cage"....I picked a walk on part in the war, and I haven't looked back.

Friends. I love you. All of you. This year I saw them changing. I made a few wonderful new ones. Others got married, and one who I miss dearly is off on a wonderful adventure on the other side of the world and I couldn't be happier for her, But Amanda, don't take drinks offered to you by Giant squid! Hope to hear from you soon. I am home a lot more and have scype, I just haven't set it up yet.

I also had a few adventures of my own. This summer saw me packing my bags and stepping on the ground of 4 provinces in one day. That is quite the adventure for a boy who has never been out of Atlantic Canada. I am very glad my first solo travel was epic. It let me take in so much more and have lots of wonderful experiences just getting there. My favorite of which was exploring Toronto with Pleasure_Pet. I had so much fun that day, even if it was just for 6 hours. That experience meant a lot to me and I had so much fun hanging out and talking to you and exploring, and that was also my first ride on a subway, which I am now in love with. All through that entire trip I would get excited every time I was about to travel by tube station. The silence, then the build up of sound and light that gets closer and closer, and then just whooshes by you. Then you hop on, And a few minutes later you find yourself somewhere else. So yeah, small town boy in two big cities. I was wide eyed the entire time. My eyes got even wider when I went to see cirque du soliel for the first time. As I looked around, looked back into everyone's faces, we al looked 7 years old. Every one of us under that big top just became a kid for 2 hours. Cirque du soliel is one of those things that I have always loved but thought I would never see in person, but then I saw it twice in one summer. And in Montreal it was a brand new show! So many wonderful experiences from that trip. The convention, sleeping on the gym floor, juggling in the park, winning a round of combat juggling against some of the best jugglers in Montreal, the 9 of us plus roommates piled into Melissa's's cozy little apartment, the food....oh and the food, and did I mention the food? I saw, smelled, felt, heard and tasted Montreal. That adventure there and back again taught me that no matter how many experiences I have I am always going to be wide eyed in wonder at the world. I can grow up as much as I want, and accomplish great things and be strong, and have a healthy dose of cynicism, but that wide eyed curiosity and delight of the world will always be a part of me.

Over all I think the second half of this year was about getting my shit together, school, body and soul. Hopefully...no, not hopefully, I will keep this up. My life is mine now. It is all in my hands.

But of course I have saved the best for last. This year found me falling in love. Something just changes in your life the first time you here the words "I Love you", the first time you say them and know you really mean them. Those words, but more specifically, the person who said them is what reminds me every time that life is beautiful. I am a poet, I have written about love, and the words sounded nice to my ears, but all that changed the moment I felt it. Suddenly trying to put that feeling in words just doesn't feel right, like no combination of words could even begin to describe the feeling of looking her in the eyes, and hearing those words, and feeling her warmth, of finding a reason to have arms, and lips. There are no words.....please pardon incoming musyness:

I love you Jenny.

So to one and all. Happy Newyear. I have no resolutions, only curiosity. Lets live the hell out of 2008.
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