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Grades! - Innocent When You Dream

About Grades!

Previous Entry Grades! Apr. 24th, 2008 @ 01:33 am Next Entry
So not only do I win at school, but I got the high score and get to do the bonus level!

ANTH 3409 War, Violence, and Society 78
ANTH 4073 Studies in Underclass Life 73
ANTH 4412 Modern Cultural Theory 75
ENGL 4400 Directing 86

I am dam proud. I mean not only did I do well in all my courses[1], but this also happened to be the semester with the biggest workload I have ever had. 2 4th level anthropology seminars, and a 3rd level seminar, which not only had very long reading lists, but it was also pretty heavy material, both academically and emotionally. I mean this is look at the world completely differently with a terrified expression on your face kind of stuff I don't think I have ever been so emotionally destroyed by course material. But it definitely fueled the fire. all that on top of directing a scene and a one act play, a directors book, papers, applying to national theatre school, interviews, production treatments, building props, writing scripts, building sets, finding costumes etc.

So I am done MUN! And by bonus level I mean my internship with Wonderbolt, which technically counts as 2 courses, but I will already be graduated, and would be working there the summer anyway.

Now, just have to wait and hear back from NTS.

[1] yeah i know some people don't concider 70s high, but that is quite the acomplishment for me, and for the courses themselves. also My prof for Anth 3409 and 4412 said that while he was reading my paper he realized that i should write, be it a book, or films or theatre. and this is coming from somebody i truly admire, so i was pleased as punch.
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